Made for Gmail, to save you time, and keep you focused.

Coming soon on macOS, already on the web.

Completely free. Open source.

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What we solve

The goal of Juno is to spend as little time as possible in the mailbox.

Juno is an incredibly useful tool that can save time, improve productivity, and enhance the user experience. Whether you are a busy professional, a student, or anyone else who relies on email for communication, this tool can help to make managing your email a much more efficient and enjoyable process.

A clear list of to-dos will serve as a focus for your email processing. Going through the list of to-do or inbox items should be easy for both regular users and power users

Files sent via email are considered as valuable as the email text, both the text and files should never be lost and presented clearly.

What we give you to do just that

Workflow management

Juno is shipped with a predefined workflow, one we believe is the most optimal.

Minimalistic design

A minimalistic design for a less cognitive load. So you can use your brain for the needed work.

No external database

We store none of your emails, files or related data on our side. That is your data.

Keyboard shortcuts

For nearly everything you need, there is a keyboard shortcut.

More information can be found in the Usage docs here.

Why we build it

The application is built as open-source to enable developers, project managers, and other people to go through their list of emails in the most efficient way possible.

The system is based on the core principles of the Tempo Email client, consider the project an hommage - unfortunately, the Tempo project is no longer actively developed.


Juno is developed as an open-source application. All the source code is open and available to be read by anyone. You can start contributing right away, follow the instructions on the README.md file on the source code.

More information can be found in the Development docs here.

On its turn Juno is applying the great work of other people who create the dependencies to make it all run smoothly. The current version of Juno contains these dependencies.